Amai Pakpak Medical Center (APMC) is a renationalized government hospital created into law in 1985 by virtue of RA 7943. Long before its renationalizion, this Medical Center was a living witness to the memoirs and rich culture of Marawi City. Originally, the hospital was built in103 by the US Army's 27th Infantry Cavalry Division under the leadership of Captin John "Black Jack" J. Pershing within the sprawling 20 hectare land in what used to be called Marahui which later became Camp Keihtly. It was in 1903 that this medical facility was organized into 25-bed hospital by Captain James Ames, during a cholera outbreak that caused the death of many US servicemen and locals. The health facility was then named as Lanao General Hospital which became popularly known to the locals as Public Hospital. The integration program of the health system of Lanao Province came into existence in 1984 which brought the hospital into the supervision of the Integrated Provincial Health Office of Lanao del Sur. Like gold refined into a furnace, Amai Pakpak Medical Center has well surpassed many obstacles that made the Medical strong and steadfast. One of which was the October 16, 2013 fire that razed down the century old hospital building into ashes. That experience was never made a hindrance to continue our commitment in bringing quality health care closer to the people. 



A premier Medical Center in North-Central Mindanao performing quality medical care, diagnostic and rehabilitative Medicine, as well as providing greater accessibility and services to the general populace, thus achieving clinical excellence




To provide quality and affordable medical services to the people of Lanao del Sur and nearby provinces.




 -To implement and sustain the Department of Health's andHospital's innovative programs

-To emphasize and practice total quality care in all service areas in order to derive patient  satisfaction

-To improve the financial system for economic viability that is ultimately geared towards    fiscal autonomy.

-To improve the financial system for economic viability that is ultimately geared towards    fiscal autonomy.

-To further expand the physical facility and increase hospital Capacity to 500 beds

-To identify other source of funds and develop fund raising activities